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"I got so much out of it. Honestly, I can't imagine that I would have gotten more from a big expensive, looong, copy writing course. You gave me immediate, actionable, wins! And the templates are golden! Writing good headlines has always been a challenge for me. This was so helpful! I'm going to use your templates, fill them with my words, and I'm all set!"

Jen Lehner
on 10 Strong Headlines

 "I couldn’t stop! I am loving this creative process!  I love the creativity this way of working gives me. I love the organising of quotes, images and posting plan. It’s so much fun to do. I am only limited by my imagination!"

Shauna Angel Blue
on Insta Puzzle Perfect

 "This process has brought me some really powerful "ahas"!" 

Leah Patterson
on Just One Idea Today

"Sarah's experience shines through and I recommend her book to anyone seeking help with marketing their ideas."

Amazon Reader Review
on How to Get Publicity for Free

 "I loved your course 10 Strong Headlines. It's small (which I loved and got through it in a zip) but so jam packed with fantastic tips and most of all I loved the "How To's". Loved it."

Franciska Šore
on 10 Strong Headlines

 "I have fallen even more in love with my idea as a result of Just One Idea Today." 

Joyce Lynn Elder
on Just One Idea Today

"I've been doing the puzzles and my profile visits are steadily going up daily!!! I highly recommend this course. I rarely get into and finish any courses; but I devoured this course easily and with great anticipation of each new lesson! If you want to really make your Insta stand out, this is an amazing process that produces wonderful results."

Mel Ann
on Insta Puzzle Perfect

"Just One Idea Today provided me with probing questions that allowed me to think outside my perceived "idea box". I have gained more clarity on my idea. I am also thinking broader and tuning in more to the impact on the World that I want to have with my idea."

Jyll Hoyrup
on Just One Idea Today

"Just wanted to tell you that I struggle with Instagram so much… but I was super pumped to try your puzzle! Like I’m so excited that I can’t wait for the next piece to post (I spread it out to post every 2 days so that I have content for over a month!) Thank you so much for the inspiration to get back at it!"

Sasha Lassey
on Insta Puzzle Perfect

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