Welcome to my world . . .

I write better when the moon is in Pisces.  
Yes I’m a little woo with a quirky mix of the analytical-metaphysical, doing my best to combine practicality with intuition - feeling my way to consistently improve.  

I see energy through emotions, psychology behind marketing and depth beneath words.  I notice patterns, gaps and potential - but not necessarily in a logically linear fashion.  I fail IQ tests and can’t fathom Tetris to save my life.

I'm Sarah,  

I’d love to say I’m an enigma but the truth is I wear my heart on my sleeve and am missing a poker face.  You can read me like a book.

My English upbringing has left me somewhat serious -  and deconditioning my Victorian work ethic remains a work in progress (pun intended).
I once replied “likewise” to a declaration of love.

I’m in awe of our universe and in reverence of our planet.
I think there’s growing evidence to suggest we messed up Mars and came to Earth, but somehow forgot it all.  I’m nostalgic for History, mindblown by quantum entanglement and fascinated by our thinking.
So far those INFJ memes seem to ring true.

I’m here to help the untapped geniuses, creative rebels and intuitive revolutionaries define and ignite their ideas through turning those flashes of intangible insight into concrete processes, ready to use.

I’ve been described as a creative powerhouse, practical and geeky - but an intuitive connector of thoughts and ideas.

By dictionary definition I’m an introvert in disguise - you may mistake me for an extrovert in broad daylight, but I crave silence - and a darkened room is a salve to my soul.  

I published my first book in 2011 and launched my first course in 2016.  I’m formally qualified in Strategic Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, have worked for the BBC and (astonishingly) spent over 16 years marketing in the education sector.

I’ve flirted with freelance work, been a contributor for Huffington Post, featured on AppSumo and Amazon and written for Social Songbird, where one of my articles was shared to over one million people.

Ultimately, I believe we’re infinite. Enjoying the trip of our lifetimes being human, right here in this moment, in our illusionary world - and I trust that one day, our capacity to understand will have the ability to expand - ushering in a new consciousness and changing our trajectory. 

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In addition, you’re welcome to connect with me on social media, ping me an email or send a carrier pigeon (I am old school after all).


IdeasGirl™” is my business name which stuck, attributed over a decade and a half ago, by happy clients - and I acknowledge the feminist feedback I have received since.