If you're tempted by the
no-brainer decision
to enrol in Business by Design and are hunting around for the best bonuses, you've come to the right place.


I'm not like everyone else.  And neither are you.

You want processes.
And yet - you’re a creative at heart - most possibly a secret introvert, trying to live up to the extrovert standards and pressures in the online world.

Zoom calls make you shudder and the thought of lives and public cheerleading make you recoil in horror.  Coaching hot seats bring you out in a cold sweat and whilst you’re open to feedback and help, you’re not one for “putting it out there”.

There IS a different way.
Psst.  I’m an introvert in disguise too and can let you in on the secret that some of the best marketing people in the online space are too.

But first . . . 
Q. What do you get the person who has everything?
A.  It’s all about support and ease - making your life easier.

If you buy Business By Design through my link you’ll get my attention.
You’ll get my support.
I can relate because I’ve been through Business By Design to create my offers,
envision my empire, plan the steps to take to become a digital CEO.

I know the concerns you might have in signing up.
I’ve overcome possibly the very same objections you might be feeling right now
as you’re about to hit that big “commit” button.

I know you’re going to get all the processes - all the mindset work, all the tools with James.
He’s a man of his word and seriously (over) delivers.
So I’ve thought long and hard about how I can possibly add value to what James and the
Business By Design Team and coaches are already delivering.

- because James and the Business By Design coaches will already be there for you, every step of the way.

- because you’ll get a complete set of “launch execution guides”.

- because James will help you zero in on what you need to make incredibly empowering realisations, full of integrity and forward movement.

The bonuses I’ve put together for you,
if you choose to sign up to
Business By Design through me
are critical tools which will
help you bridge the gap between
now and . . .

     » hiring a team
     » launching your offer
     » quitting your day job
     » finding your feet as you’re propelled
         into a new stratosphere!

My Irresistible Idea Workshop - so you can get crystalline clarity on crafting your dream offer and take the guess work out of marrying your creative intuitive side with a logical framework. Everything you need to know with utter certainty that your idea is drool-worthy and in demand.

An exclusive virtual VIP day, along with advance VIP access to my brand new programme - Distilled Genius.  Literally everything you need to discover and refine your genius, create relatable concepts, processes and frameworks to establish your intellectual property, map out your offer and zone in on the critical foundations which will add depth and the potential for impactful transformation.

The answer for course creators -
If you need a platform to host your online offers or if you’ve already got one and would like to try out a different one -
You’ll get FREE access to Zenler - the platform I personally use to host my courses and programmes.  I'll show you how to set everything up so you can get started selling your online offers right away - which includes … 

A complete done-for-you sales page
I'll help you with the full page layout and copywriting - so you can be ready to sell out your freshly made offers.

3 x private 45 min calls
Think of these as wildcards because it’s up to you how you use these three sessions within the next 12 months with me.
You could ask for help with your ideas, a fresh pair of eyes on your copy, a second opinion on something which matters, some help where you’ve got stuck, a strategy call or, as part of a plan, so you get accountability and support - the choice is yours.

My background is fairly formal.  I’ve worked for the BBC and in the education sector and I’m qualified in Strategic Marketing, I have a Postgraduate Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

On the outside, it looks like I’d have all the answers . . .
But I signed up for Business By Design because I saw James’ content and realised what I was missing. Business By Design has made a huge difference to me on a personal, human basis - and in my work.

I joined because I wanted the structures and processes - I got the complete business blueprint, but I also received a change in thinking.  Transformation. Confidence.  The realisation that now is the time to do things differently.
To bring your ideas to life, make your impact and ultimately create your vision.

to help you right now…

You can expect commitment, determination, imagination, respect and creative flair when you work with me.

I geek-out on ideas.  On marketing strategy and copywriting.
I notice odd things.  Things which can make all the difference when it comes to standing out from the crowd (for all the right reasons).

I believe I can genuinely help you right now, as you take determined action towards becoming the digital CEO of your dreams.

I understand where creatives can get stuck, how we think differently and how easy it can be to get distracted by "all the things".  I can help you save time, gain clarity and most importantly - take action where it counts - so you are supported in creating, refining and launching your irresistible ideas.

Still have questions?

Message me on Facebook, sign up for a call or shoot me an email and we can talk things through!