The Irresistible Idea Workshop™

Get the framework and roadmap you need to transform your idea into a profitable and irresistible offer in this 1-hour workshop!

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        This workshop packs a real punch. It’s easy to understand, digestible and filled with so much great value! The content was just fabulous.

        Nicole Hate


        This workshop gave me the big picture, with the PIP Roadmap helping me see I have everything covered. It’s a fast-paced workshop, excellent value for the money and has helped me identify the need to focus on attracting more of the ideal students into my program.

        Dr B


        The Irresistible Idea Workshop™ offers a solid framework for turning your ideas into income! Stunning presentation plus helpful tips, roadmaps and workbook - everything you need to create your irresistible offer with confidence. 

        Lisa Carroll


        Thinking from A to B in offer creation doesn’t give you transformation. To achieve a better set of results you’re going to need a different way of thinking.

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